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Drew Facts


The Basics...

Full Name: Drew Blythe Barrymore

Nicknames: Daisy and D to name a few.

Born: February 22, 1975 in Culver City, Ca at Brotman Memorial Hospital. 

Parents: Ildyko Jaid Mako & John Drew Barrymore Jr. (both actors).  After their separation Jaid got custody of Drew.

Siblings: Two half sisters named Jessica & Blythe and a half brother John.

Famous Relatives: John, Ethel, Lionel, etc.

Schooling: Drew dropped out of high-school at 15.

Books: She wrote her autobiography Little Girl Lost with Todd Gold after getting out of rehab.

Godfather: Stephen Spielberg

Godmother: Anna Strasberg - a teacher at the prestigious Strasberg Institute in New York.

Past Boyfriends: Jamie Walters (engaged to him), Jeremy Thomas (married to him from march-may of 1994),

                                Eric Erlandson (guitarist from Hole), Rodney Harvey, Ryan Phillipe, and Luke Wilson to name a few.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: Approximately 125lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde (for the moment).

Eye Color: Green to hazel depending on the light.



-BAFTA nomination for Most Outstanding Newcomer (1982)

-Youth Film Award (1984)

-Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress (1984)

-Golden Globe Award for Best Actress (1992- Gun Crazy)

-MTV movie award for Best On Screen Kiss (1998- The Wedding Singer)

-MTV movie award for Best On Screen Duo (1998- The Wedding Singer)

-Nickelodeon Kid's Award for Best Actress (1998- Ever After)

-Blockbuster award for best actress in a romantic drama (1998- Ever After)

-American Comedy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress (1999)


More Interesting Facts...

Tattoos: A butterfly below her belly button, crescent moon on big  toe, rose surrounded by wildflowers on her left hipbone, celtic cross on her   right ankle, angel holding a cross that used to say "Jamie" on it on her lower, middle back,  three cherubs holding a cross with "Jaid" on it on her lower, right back; and one on her hand (haven't seen it yet).

Marital Status: She is single and loving it!

Pets: Two dogs, Flossie & Templeton. Drew has many farm animals including cats, birds, chickens, and other things. 


Things That Rock & Things That Suck...

Fave Flower: Daisy

Fave Poet: e.e. cummings

Fave Illustrator: Lane (The Happy Hocky Family & Flying Jake)

Fave Bands/Song: The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, The Beatles "I Will"

Fave Actor/Actress: Sean Penn (U-Turn) / Jennifer Jason Leigh (Georgia)  She thinks they are "f--king amazing"!

Fave Food: Macaroni & Cheese, Spaghettio's, Jell-o 

Fave Drink: Dr. Pepper

Fave Color: Purple

Fave Stain Remover: DD7

Fave Store: Wal-mart

Fave T.V. Shows: Seinfeld, Larry Sanders Show, and Melrose Place

Fave Fashion Trend: Vintage clothing

Interests: Writing poetry, painting, literature

More Faves: Walking her dogs in Central Park, rain, children, animals, butterflies, cotton, sticking her head out the car window, the sky, eating grilled cheese from The In & Out Burger, smelling like dirt, being a nerd (as if someone so cool could be), Marilyn Monroe, listening to Daft Punk while she jogs, gambling in Las Vegas, Joan Jett, Austin Powers, watching movies in bed, sleeping late, and therapy.


Yucky Foods: Ice cream (says it tastes like cold vomit), chocolate, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

Can't Stand: Spiders

Could Do Without: Hollywood

Pet Peeve: When toilet paper comes off the roll one square at a time.

Major Gross-Out: Flies because "they come and vomit on your food."

Plagued By: Ever-peeling nail polish.

Mean People Suck!


"Barrymore" Family Facts...

*There is a Barrymore postage stamp which has a small picture of Drew on the corner.                        

*There is a conference room called The Barrymore Room in the Marriot Hotel (NYC).

*There is a Barrymore Theatre in NYC.


50 Quick Drew Facts... 

1. Loves that Stephen Spielberg still thinks of her as a little girl.          2.Rents a beach house in Hawaii.

3. Claims her nail polish is always peeling.                                         4. Yelled "big balls" to Tom Snyder in 1995.

5. Her first job was at the age of 13 at the Music Plus store.            6. Does not shave her armpits.

7. Youngest star to appear on Saturday Night Live.                         8. The first movie she ever saw was Foxes.

9. Wants to name her first kid Ruby Daffodil.                                   10. Part of the William Morris Agency.        

11. Dennis Miller refers to her as "frequently topless".                       12. Had a breast reduction at the age of 16.   

13. Godmother to Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's daughter.        14. Flashed David Letterman on his birthday.

15. Rents an apartment in NY with Edward Norton.                        16. Carries make-up in a Ziploc bag.

17. Stripped for Eric Erlandson at the Blue Angel Night Club.     18. Uses The Body Shop Tea-tree oil body wash.

19. Escorted out of Chanel's after being suspected of shoplifting.      20. Carries a baby pin with her everywhere.

21. Does dumb dances to ward off perverts.                                    22. Owns a hemp wallet.

23. Owns a Merriam Webster dictionary.                                24. Is a natural brunette.

25. Wants That's How Strong My Love Is played at her wedding.   26. Picks her nose in public.

27. Considers herself maladroit (clumsy in layman's terms).             28. Makes up her own words.

29. Has always wanted to have sex with a drag queen.                  30. Wants to live on a ranch in Texas someday.

31. Turned down a lead role on Beverly Hills 90210.                  32. Chronic Insomniac, Anemic, Claustrophobic.

33. Carries backpacks as opposed to purses.                             34. Has a lifelong crush on David Letterman.

35. Goes to the Beverly Hot Springs Spa.                               36. Lives in a recycled barn.

37. Doesn't belong to any organized religion.                              38. Took ballet classes.

39. She's an animist (believes everything has a soul).                     40. Drew is dedicated to many charities.

41. Believes that Alanis Morissette couldn't scare anybody.            42. Would take salt over sugar any day.

43. Gets annoying, creepy E-mail from  killedkennedy@...             44. Carries baby wipes for freshening up.

45. Says she is the president of the Last To Know Club.               46. Co-owns Flower Films with Nancy Juvonen.

47. Wouldn't break for rainbows but she's damned sure she'd honk.  48. Wants to work with John Malkovich.

49. Last Summer she drove across the country in a pink RV.           50. Allergic to garlic, bee stings, and perfume.



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